About The Practice


Dr DH Ndlovu, MB BCh (Wits), MMed (O&G,UL) is an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist and has a practice at Muelmed Mediclinic as well as at the Pretoria Gynaecological Mediclinic in Sunnyside (Practice No: 037 4555).

Dr Ndlovu offers a comprehensive service for obstetrical and gynaecological assessment. His holistic approach to healthcare means that he always puts the patient’s needs first.

About The Services

Below is a brief list of some of the most common conditions that Dr DH Ndlovu’s practice focuses on:

•Childbirth, prenatal and postpartum care

•Abnormal smear test (Pap test)

•Abnormal uterine bleeding (Menorrhagia)




●Contraception and insertion of IUCD (Loop)

•Painful menstrual periods

•Pelvic & vaginal pain

•Polycystic ovaries

•Vulvar problems

•Recurrent miscarriage

•Problems following childbirth


•Maternal medical disorders

●Termination of pregnancy